Frequently Asked Questions

What is Twirl, and what makes Twirl different?

Twirl is a dating app focused on building great relationships. Our platform specifically focuses on video so you can authentically communicate with others on our app. No more wondering if a person is who they say they are.
We focus on wellness by having a GROWTH feed featuring content from relationship experts and therapists that not only helps you find love but also helps you learn and grow as an individual.
You can connect with others in our CONNECT feed to have meaningful dialogue and work towards finding love or friendship. Importantly, that includes learning to practice self-love in your everyday life. Add an answer here.

Who can use Twirl?

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to join the Twirl community.

How much does Twirl cost?

Currently, Twirl is free to download and use.

What are the Twirl Community Guidelines?

This is an adult platform. There may be adult topics and adult language. However we ask that you refrain from nudity and we ask that you be kind. Don’t pick a fight and make sure others are having a good time on Twirl.

What are the two feeds: Growth and Connect?

When you open the Twirl app, the Growth feed is the first thing you will see. This feed is content from our Twirl Experts. The content on this feed is geared towards topics, advice, questions on mindfulness and well-being. Anyone in the Twirl community can click the responding icon (backward facing arrow) and their video will show up in the response gallery.
If you toggle to the right, the Connect feed features video Q&A from members of the Twirl platform. This feed is where you can ask your own questions to the Twirl community, and respond to other Twirlers’ questions. This feed is geared towards slow meaningful connections between community members.

Is Twirl content uploaded in real time?

Yes and No. Connect Questions submitted by Twirlers are moderated and posted by Twirl, with a handful of video threads posted each day. Growth content is uploaded by Twirl Experts at their discretion. And response videos are uploaded in real time.

How does Twirl connect users? How are connections made?

A Twirl connection is made when both users have created video content and have liked each other’s video. The goal of Twirl is to connect in a meaningful way through video, users who do not create video content are unable to connect with other users for the purpose of private chatting. A private chat can only be established if there is a mutual connection through the video content.

I scrolled for a good 35 minutes. How do I get to the top of the feed?

Double-tap the Growth/Connect toggle bar. It will take you to the top.

Who are the Twirl Experts?

The Twirl Experts have been carefully chosen and vetted by Twirl. They are certified therapists and experts in their field of mindfulness practice dedicated to helping you achieve your goal of wellbeing in your life and in the world of dating.

Can anyone become a Twirl Expert?

We only allow therapists and coaches with relevant licenses/credentials to be experts on our platform. If you are interested, you can check out our page here to reach out about being an expert!

Which feed can I post to-Connect or Growth?

Only Twirlers are able to post their question threads in the Connect feed. Only Twirl Experts can post on the Growth feed. We are pre-authorizing therapists and relationship experts to ensure high quality content for all users.

How are question topics chosen?

Connect Question topics are chosen by Twirlers themselves. They can be inspired by the Growth feed where Twirl Experts post content encouraging Twirlers to engage and connect with mindfulness and wellbeing. Really, though, it is up to the Twirler to ask the questions they are most interested in when connecting with new people.
The content on the Growth feed is curated by Twirl Experts. As experts in their fields, they bring to the platform engaging and thoughtful questions, offer potential ideas, and inspire Twirlers to be active in their goal of making meaningful connections.

How often are questions posted? Growth feed vs Connect feed.

Growth content is posted as often as a Twirl Expert feels is useful. Usually about a handful of posts each day. Twirl Experts are able to post their content at their discretion.
Connect Questions are monitored daily with usually about a handful posted each day. Most Twirlers’ Connect Questions will be posted within 24-48 hours of submitting.

How are question threads chosen for posting?

A lot goes into the determination of which videos get posted: quality of image/audio, topic discussed and type of insight presented--just to name a few. The goal in moderating question threads is to keep content present and at the forefront rather than bogging down the platform with so many videos that content ends up lost to users.

Who moderates questions and responses?

Connect Questions are monitored by a team of Twirl Moderators who are there to make sure the app experience is a pleasant one for the entire community. From quality control to content guidance, the Twirl Moderators make sure the same questions are not being asked/answered on repeat, the image/audio quality of videos is good, users are following Community Guidelines and so much more.
Responses to video threads are monitored by fellow Twirl users.

Can questions be filtered or organized?

Questions are automatically organized from newest to oldest on the Growth and Connect feeds.
Currently questions cannot be filtered by category/topic, but we are working on that option.
You can search for keywords with the magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen.

How do I post a new question thread?

Twirlers can post a new question thread by hitting the blue “+” button in the center of the options at the bottom of the Connect feed screen.

How do I respond to a question thread?

Twirlers can respond to a question thread by hitting the reverse arrow under the heart on the right hand side of the video thread.

Why has my question not been posted?

Connect Questions are currently moderated by Twirl with a limited number posted each day.

Why can’t I see my video?

Depending on the type of video, there could be a few reasons why you might not see your video in either the feeds or responses.
If you are unable to see your new video thread posted on a feed it could be because:
> You are trying to post to the incorrect feed. Twirl users who have not been approved as a Twirl Expert can only post a new video thread on the CONNECT feed. Approved Twirl Experts can only post on the GROWTH Feed.
> The image/audio quality of the video was too poor to post.
> Question topic is a repeat (you are able to search for topics in the search bar and respond or see responses to similar topics)
> You’ve tried posting a response to the feed instead of the video thread.
> Another user has flagged the video for not adhering to community guidelines.
If you are unable to see your new video response to a posted thread it could be because:
> You’ve tried posting a response to the feed instead of the video thread.
> Another user has flagged the video response for not adhering to community guidelines.

Why is my response no longer visible?

We are currently asking users to flag inappropriate content, and response videos are able to be blocked/flagged by other users. Videos that have been flagged will be investigated by Twirl and disabled on the back end if found to not follow Community Guidelines.

How do I start a chat with another Twirler?

A private chat with another Twirler can only be established if both users have created video content, and each user has liked (the heart icon) the other user’s video. Once a meaningful connection is made, Twirl will send the users a notification that they’ve made a connection and can start the private chat.

Can users be reported/blocked?

Yes, if a user is not adhering to the Community Guidelines, it is possible to report, and/or block, that user by clicking the three dot option on the video thread.